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About Veristat

Veristat specialises in providing advice and support to companies and education providers on managing and meeting their responsibilities under the Immigration Rules. We work in close partnership with our clients and use our experience of the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) and relevant legislation to enable companies and education providers to get on with their core business with the confidence that they are meeting immigration requirements. We take pride in our expertise, integrity and professionalism and are registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).


Don Ingham (Founder)

Veristat was founded by Don Ingham, a former Director in the Home Office. Don has over 30 years’ experience of immigration control at operational, policy and strategic levels, both in the UK and abroad.

Prior to founding Veristat, Don held a number of board-level positions in the Home Office and other government departments. Roles included Director of Enforcement and Director of Managed Migration, during which time he was involved in developing the Points Based System.

Don worked with a number of multi-nationals advising on border management issues and was also a Director of Eurasylum, through which he provided research, evaluation and consultancy services on migration for government agencies, the European Commission and NGOs including the International Organization for Migration.

Maria Cavilla (Director)

Maria has had over 17yrs experience in the field of Immigration and Asylum within the UK Border Agency where she worked as Deputy Director in the Case Resolution Directorate leading on Policy, Design and Performance.

She has also worked as Deputy Director Stakeholder Management in the e-Borders programme and as Assistant Director London Enforcement responsible for dealing with illegal migration and asylum across London and the South East of England.

She formally left the UKBA in July 2011 and has up to date, in depth knowledge of immigration and asylum policy and front line operational experience in all aspects of immigration control.

Colin Manchip CBE (Associate)

Colin has a degree in Law. He spent some 34 years in the Immigration and Passport Departments of the Home Office, and between 1991 and 1996 served as one of two directors of the UK Immigration Service.

Since then he has provided consultancy on immigration and asylum affairs to international organisations, the European Commission and national government authorities.

Ken Joss

Ken spent 27 years working in the Home Office – 20 years of that time working in the field of Immigration, Asylum and Passports.

He was until recently a Deputy Director in the Immigration Group in the UK Border Agency working on improving strategic performance and was previously the Programme and Resources Manager for the Case Resolution Directorate.

Ken played a key role in establishing the National Asylum Support Service where he led on Policy and Process Design before becoming operations manager. Ken also has extensive operational experience of immigration and passport casework. Ken is registered with the OISC to provide immigration advice.

Helen Stewart-Mills

Helen has had 20 years experience in the public sector, initially working for 8 years in the Metropolitan Police Service at New Scotland Yard before joining an enforcement office within the UK Border Agency.

She also worked in the Policy, Design and Performance section of the Case Resolution Directorate before formally leaving the UKBA in November 2011.  Helen is registered with the OISC to provide immigration advice.

Helen also has a degree in Technology.

Peter Wild

Peter worked at Senior/Director level in the Hotel Industry for many years and in higher education as a Principal and Educational Consultant.

He has a wide and accomplished knowledge of the accreditation of educational establishments and the standards required, both in the UK and on an International basis, and the close working relationship needed to administer the links required between Universities, Accrediting Bodies and Colleges.

John Pomeroy

John trained as a scientist and was awarded a PhD at Exeter University.  After a period of government scientific work he spent over 20 years in senior management positions in industry.  He has served on numerous British Standards committees and Advisory Boards.

A qualified teacher he entered higher education with South Bank University and then became Principal of one of the Colleges of the University of the Arts and a member of the Corporate Management Team.  As part of this he worked on numerous CNAA inspection committees and was a member of the Council.

John now works as an Education Consultant and for the past 6 years has been extensively involved in the private higher education sector, including as Consultant Principal of a College.  He has considerable experience of the procedures of accrediting bodies, arranging links with public sector universities and the regulations of UKBA.  His expertise extends to contract and employment law and the area of health and safety.