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immigration advisory services

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Global Education Partnerships

Veristat works with clients to build education partnerships between universities, colleges and schools both in the UK and overseas.

As the education landscape for international students in the UK becomes increasingly difficult, education providers in the UK are increasing looking at new opportunities for working together, extending their interests and building partnerships overseas both in the UK and overseas.

Veristat consultants have a wealth of experience drawn from both the education sector and the Home Office in facilitating partnerships, in particular between Universities and independent Colleges. We can help identify partners both in the UK and abroad who have strengths that compliment yours to create mutual benefits. We can also provide on-going support in the management and quality assurance of the relationship, including UK Visas and Immigration compliance where appropriate.

Joint ventures – an agreement which creates joint ownership and control between two parties.

Accreditation – an agreement between a University and independent college enabling the college to provide a course recognised.

Validation - typically an agreement between a University and independent colleges enabling the college to issue a university degree in its own name.

Takeovers and mergers - Academic programs are under the control of the two university partners, and finance and management is provided by Laureate.