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Immigration Training - held on client's premises

We offer a wide range of training for companies and education providers conducted on the client's premises and tailored to meet your needs. Our packages include training for Level 1 and 2 users, HR teams, recruiters and managers on all aspects of UK immigration control, including Right to Work and Sponsorship under the Skilled Worker route and the new Student route (Student and Child Student).

Clients receive practical advice and guidance on how to ensure they comply with Home Office requirements and avoid putting the company at risk.

All of our trainers have had hands-on, practical experience of working at senior levels in the UKVI (Home Office) and dealing with the real-life situations that can arise. As such they are uniquely qualified to provide practical advice and tips on how to ensure compliance.

 Popular topics include:

  • Right to Work/Illegal working
  • Sponsoring migrant workers compliance under the Points Based System
  • NEW! Student Route sponsorship
  • Recruitment procedures for both workers and students
  • Document checking
  • Credibility interviews

All training is conducted on the client’s premises.

We normally recommend a maximum of 12 persons per session.


Right to Work

Our training on right to work includes:

  • An overview of the legislation governing the obligation on employers to prevent illegal working in the UK;
  • The process for verifying the right to work in the UK;
  • Employers’ duties for record keeping and monitoring the ongoing right to work;
  • An overview of the Civil Penalties process;
  • An introduction to forgery awareness; and
  • Avoiding discrimination.


NEW! Skilled Worker Route

Our training on sponsorship under the Skilled Worker route includes:

  • An overview of the Points Based System and sponsorship within the broader political context;
  • Preliminary issues in sponsoring employees;
  • Checking that the vacancy/role is suitable for sponsorship;
  • Switching into the Skilled Worker route;
  • Defined and Undefined Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS);
  • Sponsor duties;
  • Record keeping;
  • Monitoring and reporting sponsored workers; and
  • Compliance


NEW! Student Route/Sponsorship

Our training on the Student Route/sponsorship includes:

  • An overview of the new Student Route, including the Student and Child Students categories;
  • Compliance, including the Basic Compliance Assessment (BCA);
  • Sponsor duties and requirements;
  • Issuing of Certificates of Acceptance for Studies (CAS);
  • Record keeping - what evidence/document needs to be retained on the student file;
  • Academic Engagement; and
  • Monitoring and reporting duties.


Document examination

Our training on Document examination includes:

  • An introduction to forgery awareness;
  • Avoiding discrimination;
  • The Home Office requirements regarding the examination of documentation for employees;
  • Who is likely to falsify a document and why;
  • Types of forgery;
  • Examination of passports and safeguards; and
  • Impersonation.


New UK Immigration System

In preparation for the introduction of the new points-based Immigration system from 1 January 2021, we are also currently delivering a package to employers and education providers on the new immigration system. This training will be provided on the client’s site or remotely via Microsoft Teams or Zoom (which is very popular with clients due to Covid-19).

We anticipate this training will be in high demand, so if you would like to book a training session in the diary, please email us at enquiries@veristat.co.uk or call us on 01344 624016 for further details and a quote.


For further information/quote or to book a workshop, please call us on +44(0)1344 624016 or email us at enquiries@veristat.co.uk

We can also provide bespoke trainer-led workshops on request, so if you do not see if none of the workshops above cover all of the areas you require, please get in touch to discuss.



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